We Can Bring Your Floor & Wall Tiles Back To Beautiful Life

Save tons of money by having us refinish/resurface your bathroom or kitchen tiling...

Are your floor, wall, and/or countertop tiles not what they should be? Even though tiling is very durable, time and daily use can affect the finish of your once-beautiful tiles. We're experts and bringing your tiled surfaces back to life by resurfacing them with tough, gorgeous epoxy finishes that will make them look like new.
Call us to schedule a visit so we can determine the exact state of your tiles and what needs to be done to make them look beautiful again. We always provide our quotes in writing so that you know what the cost will be upfront.

How long will the new finish last?

Our amazingly tough and durable epoxy finishes will stay looking smooth and beautiful for many years to come. With proper care and treatment, they can conceivably last for 10 or more years.

We offer a full 5-year warranty from the initial application date. We stand behind our work and will repair or re-do any finishing that fails before 5 years. Please note that this warranty applies as long as you follow the Care and Maintenance Instructions on the back of our invoices.


Our long-lasting and extremely durable epoxy finishes come in white and a wide range of colors to match your existing decor, or for a new look to your dated bathroom. Call us to go over the colors available: (727) 488-9381.

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